While not all styles of yoga require music, hot yoga tends to work more effectively and be more fun with some tunes. Because of the strong link between sound and movement, the combination of the two ultimately offer a positive impact on the mind, body and soul. 

If you’re interested in learning the benefits to using royalty free yoga music during your classes, read on for more information.

1 – Playing music during yoga is FUN.

We’re telling it like it is and putting this benefit where it belongs, at the top of the list. It doesn’t take a team of researchers or a lab full of scientists to figure out that humans enjoy listening to music. 

When people have fun doing something, they do those things more often. Us yogis know that yoga ultimately GIVES more time than it TAKES so the more we do it, the better our health will be for longer. 

2 – Music gets you in the flow and keeps you in the flow.

Numerous workout studies have shown that people who listen to music while at the gym or doing yoga are able to exercise for longer periods of time than people who didn’t listen to music during their sweat session. Many of these people also report feeling better while exercising, as well as being in a “flow” state. Isn’t that what yoga is all about? Being in the flow?

3 – Yoga music can calm your mind and reduce anxiety.

Time and time again, studies have shown that music can decrease stress levels, boost mood, and improve brain function. On top of this, yoga music can also improve cardiovascular health by slowing your heart rate, lowering blood pressure, and decreasing stress hormones. 

If simply listening to music at any given time can offer health benefits, imagine how much more powerful combining music with yoga can be? 

4 – Music can boost memory and creativity.

Ever been in the middle of a hot yoga class and suddenly find yourself lost in the moment? That haunting feeling when you’re unsure of what comes next or what you just did or why everyone is in a different pose than you? It happens to the best of us. The good news is that playing your favorite yoga music playlist can help our brains resist the fog. With a great playlist, your students will likely find themselves caught in these moments less frequently. 

There are many studies that show music can be beneficial for memory when coupled with learning new things so yoga music may be extremely helpful for new yogis. 

Also, because music has been shown to improve cognition and enhance learning in other studies, it makes sense that perhaps it has an impact on creative thinking as well. Using your creativity to explore variations of yoga poses is a huge part of the fun! 

5 – Yoga music can reduce pain and promote healing.

In a challenging hot yoga class, aches and pains can happen. Whether you’re holding an awkward pose, balancing stick pose, or any other rigorous standing pose – sometimes teachers tend to count down the end of the pose SO SLOWLY! Yoga music can help students take the focus off of the burning sensation in their muscles. 

While the benefits to using music in your yoga class are endless, we have to admit that it can also make or break your class when used improperly.

The following are a few pitfalls to using music in your hot yoga class, and how to avoid them. 

1 – Loud music is naturally stressful.

Almost all humans are innately fearful of heights and loud noises. Because of this, it makes sense that loud music could possibly be a stressor for many. Furthermore, it takes a significant amount of cognitive resources to decode what someone is saying in the midst of competing noise. Students need to be able to hear their instructor loud and clear. If you have to shout over the music to be heard, the music is too loud.

Luckily, there is a very simple solution for this: turn it down! 

2 – Lyrics can unintentionally trigger emotional responses.

Ever been to a yoga class where the teacher played you and your ex’s song? Or maybe a song that reminded you of a lost loved one? It can crush your mood in class, and bring the entire room’s energy down with it. The solution to this one? Choose songs without a high potential to cause an emotional response from students, or simply abstain from using music with lyrics at all. 

Music is a crucial tool for instructors to set the mood in their class. I have found the following websites below offer a wide range of yoga music to ensure that you achieve any vibe you’re looking to set for your students. Check them out for royalty free music for yoga instructors. Both sites offer a wide range of yoga music fully downloadable via MP3 files, royalty free.

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