Studio Etiquette

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Keep smiling! It's only yoga after all and there's always tomorrow!

Our aim is to provide everyone with the best possible opportunity to enjoy their Bikram Yoga practice. Help us to help you by observing the following:

  • Always sign in at reception at least 15 minutes before class, even if you have booked online, to make sure you don't lose your spot. Sorry, but anyone signing in after this time may not be allowed entry to class. 
  • Try and stay in the room. This is really important. The heat can be a big challenge for a lot of people at the start of their practice. Get your body acclimatised to the heat; don't run away from it.  This might mean not pushing yourself too hard to start with or even sitting a few postures out.  You have a lifetime of yoga ahead of you so don't try and squeeze all your ambition into one class.  Pace yourself and you will do just fine.  If you have to leave, then that's fine but try not to disturb you fellow yogis!
  • The studio is shoe free so please leave your footwear in the reception area.
  • Please leave valuables in the lockers provided (padlocks available for sale at reception for £5 or bring your own)
  • Please make sure all mobile phones are switched off.
  • The yoga room is a quiet space; please no talking once you enter the room and be
    of the noise in the waiting areas outside the studio.
  • If you are wearing strong perfume or scent or have had a sweaty day, take a shower before class.
  • Place a towel on your mat which can be rented from reception if you don’t bring your own. 
  • If you are lucky enough to be a very sweaty person you may need 2 towels or even 2 mats!
  • Avoid the front row until you are really familiar with the postures as people behind you will  be copying you from there!
  • Let teachers know of any injuries you have before the start of class.
  • Do not move mats that have been laid out unless asked to do so and make sure the top of your mat is placed on a line on the floor.
  • Listen to your teacher.  They will be able to correct your postures, guide your thinking and keep you positioned on the right part of your mat for other students.
  • When lying down, make sure your head is right at the top of your mat -  this helps maximise space for those around you.
  • Bring a bottle of water to class with you. We sell water at reception if you don’t bring your own or we have a tap for filling up. Make sure you sip it slowly to avoid overfilling your stomach and only drink between postures so that you don’t disturb those holding postures around you.
  • Lay your water bottle flat on the ground to give those behind you a better view in the mirror from the floor.
  • If you have any foot complaints please make sure that you are wearing appropriate foot coverings or you may be asked to leave the class or put your socks on!
  • You can wear indoor flip flops in the changing rooms and in the studio itself. Please tidy the flip flops away at the back of the room during class.
  • Please do not wear underwear as outerwear and always be decently covered. And remember, white clothing when wet reveals all!
  • Please mop up any sweat on the floor around you during and at the end of class with your own towel to prevent anyone from slipping.
  • Please do not ask the teacher to alter the heat or open a window or door. Trust your teacher and accept whatever you are faced with. Stay positive and you will come out feeling fantastic.