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Olga has been recognised on the Power Part Timer list as the sole representative of the yoga industry and we are very, very proud to have such an honourable Studio Director here at Hot Bikram Yoga. 

Olga Allon

Bikram certification 2003

Favourite posture
At the moment I love Locust Pose because I find it the most challenging.

Most challenging posture
Locust pose. I dread it and love it all at the same time. The feeling afterwards is like nothing else!

Best Bikram moment
It was graduation class and I managed to touch my forehead to my toes in ‘Head to Knee pose with stretching’. Bikram jumped on my back, did a pose for the camera and gave me a ‘number’. I was the 513th person to touch head to toes in front of Bikram.

Olga's dream was to combine her love of yoga with her love of architecture and design a space where people could come and enjoy this fantastic yoga. This dream grew from her first studio in 2005 until 2010, when Olga had completed her 3rd successful Bikram Yoga studio and contonied to build the Hot Bikram Yoga brand. The Hot Bikram Yoga brand leads the way in the hot yoga world. Olga prides herself on creating warm and friendly studios and brings together a team of happy staff and happy teachers.

Olga believes that Bikram yoga is for everyone, whatever their age, size, body type. Olga is also very much into fitness she spends some of her time blogging for Triathlete's World and Runner's World. Olga is also a proud ambassador for the Lululemon Covent Garden Showroom, after being chosen for her community involvement and dedication to Hot Bikram Yoga. The lululemon ambassador program is open to unique individuals who embody the lululemon lifestyle and live their culture.

Olga's first daughter, Yasmin, was born in 2005, Skye was born in 2007 and Lily was born in 2009.

Olga has also been honoured in the UK’s first ever Power Part Time list, a prestigious list of 50 of the most senior level part time workers in the UK, recognised on the list as the sole representative of the yoga industry.
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