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Online Booking Terms

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Don't forget to read our online booking terms below.

For our full terms and conditions click here.

Classes can be booked online up to 8 days in advance and up to 1 hour before the start of a class.

Online bookings must be cancelled online up to 2 hours before the start of a class or this will be treated as a 'no show'.

Sorry, but we do not accept telephone or email cancellations.

If the class is fully booked, you can add yourself to the online 'waitlist'.

Once you are on the 'waitlist', as places come up in class, you will be automatically moved from the 'waitlist' to a reserved space in class. You will be emailed notification of this, at which point normal booking terms apply.

'Waitlist' places are automatically moved into class up to 12 hours before the start of a class but not after that.

Therefore, between 1 - 12 hours before the start of a class, spaces may become available for you to book online without being added to the 'waitlist'.

You are always welcome to come to class without a booking as there are often spaces. These will be handed out on a first come first served basis.

If you book online you must sign in at reception at least 15 minutes before the class start time. Failure to do this may be treated as a 'no show' and your space may be given to someone else.

Your booking may be treated as a 'no show' if you do not attend the class or you fail to turn up at least 15 minutes before the class start time.In the event of 3 'no show’s' or more in 1 month we will suspend your online booking rights for 1 week and, in addition, if you have a Class Card we will deduct one class.

Late for class?
Whilst we are willing to allow students to arrive (a little) late, we do not encourage this, and we need to be mindful of and respect other students who arrive on time. With this in mind, you will not be allowed into class after the end of the initial breathing exercise even if you are signed in, changed and raring to go. Please note, this policy also apples to 60 and 50 minute classes where there is only one set of breathing. 

Booking restrictions for Intro Offer students:
The 20 consecutive day pass allows entry to every class at all our 3 studios. Except, on your very first visit you will not be allowed access to a 60 minute class. After your first visit, you can attend all classes on the schedule including 60 and 90 minute classes. We also do not encourage you to participate in the candlelit classes during your first 20 days.