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Free Nutritional Workshop at HBY!

14.11.2015Guest Blogger

Come and join us for a free Nutritional Workshop with VITL nutritionalist, Libby Limon. Time-poor Nutrition Libby will talk for 30-40mins and then open the floor to Q&A's where people can ask about staying healthy through the festive season This talk is totally free but requires booking and will include some lovely VITL giveaways! Click here for more information

Nepal Charity Class

28.05.2015 Guest Blogger

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Craig Villani Masterclass

06.05.2015 Guest Blogger

Launch of New Class: The Reverse 90

01.04.2015 Olga Allon

YOGLOW! New Class to music

17.03.2015 Olga Allon

Easter Egg collection!

16.03.2015 Olga Allon

Broga comes to HBY!

06.02.2015 Olga Allon