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News from April 2012

Mindfulness and Bikram Yoga. Really? How?

05.10.2015Guest Blogger

Mindful Yoga: Really? How? When Olga asked me if I would get involved with her studio to see how we could begin integrating Mindfulness Meditation into the classes I was initially intrigued but then wondered how. How could a practice that promotes stillness, space and gentleness be moulded into such a seemingly dynamic, physical and challenging activity that is Bikram yoga? Surely this is a mismatch...

Get Beatuful Skin - naturally

10.09.2015 Guest Blogger

Mindfulness and Bikram fusion class

01.09.2015 Olga Allon

Older Entries

What the heck is BROGA?!

09.07.2015 Guest Blogger

Teacher Spotlight - Tammy Keys

26.05.2015 Guest Blogger

Teacher Spotlight - Marina Rakic

01.05.2015 Guest Blogger

10 Reasons to go on our Ibiza Retreat!

23.04.2015 Olga Allon

Staff Spotlight of the Month, April

12.04.2015 Guest Blogger

A sneak peak at our Goa retreat!

15.03.2015 Olga Allon

Student of the month spotlight!

11.03.2015 Guest Blogger

5 minutes with teacher, Naomi Clark!

03.02.2015 Guest Blogger

A Look Back at 2014

19.12.2014 Olga Allon

Bikram Yoga and Natural Skincare

23.10.2014 Kirsty Macdonald

The Blog With The Skeleton Song

21.08.2014 Alex Rees

Mark Armstrong - Student of the Month

14.08.2014 Olga Allon

Better Bikram: Olga's Tips!

07.08.2014 Olga Allon

Oil Pulling - How to pull 101

31.07.2014 Kirsty Macdonald

Manufacture Your Own Motivation

24.07.2014 Alex Rees

Olga Talks Motivation

10.07.2014 Olga Allon

Sanjai’s Ibiza Diary – June 2014

27.06.2014 Alex Rees

Alex Rees talks about Posture

22.05.2014 Alex Rees

Olga says: Welcome to HBY!

09.01.2014 Olga Allon