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30 Day Challenge
Hot Bikram Yoga, every day for 30 consecutive days: Change your mind and body - for life! 


30 Day Challenge
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Hot Bikram Yogis

Hot Bikram Yoga, every day for 30 consecutive days: join us and change your mind and body - for life!

If you are brand new to Bikram Yoga or if you have been coming for years, a 30 day challenge will push you to the next level and you will see amazing results.

You can start whenever is convenient for you. Just register at any studio by putting your name on our Challenge Board and then tick off each day that you come to class. If you miss a day you can make it up by practising two classes another day that week but this can only be done once per week. All you need is a membership or class card that will allow you to practise for at least 30 consecutive days: a full list of our memberships and class cards can be found here. Please note, any combination of 60 or 90 minute classes will be counted as part of your 30 day challenge. The important thing is 30 classes in 30 days!

There are always a number of students doing the 30 day challenge so you'll definitely be in good company. Always let the teachers and receptionists know that you're on the challenge; they are their to help and give you all the support and encouragement you need.

New to Bikram Yoga?

If you're new to this style of yoga do not be too hard on yourself if you can’t make it every day but it’s worth a try at some point! Building Hot Bikram Yoga into your daily or weekly routine will allow you to enjoy all the amazing benefits – physical, mental and emotional. You will feel amazing!

Once complete: When you have completed the Challenge, please email, Studio Director, with your full name and challenge completion date to have your name added to the website. We will then have your 30 Day Challenge Certificate and HBY tote bag at reception waiting for you!

Tips and Hints

Check out this lovely blog by Janet Oganah for top tips and hints! 


If you need some more encouragement here is what some of our students have been saying about the challenge:

“I feel so much better both physically and mentally”

“My posture has improved, making me look taller, leaner and more confident”

“I have a complete workout every time and it's good for me AND the sense of achievement is incredible”

“Before the thirty day challenge, I hadn't done regular exercise for years - I had tried various regimes, but nothing held my attention long enough to make me want to continue. I found the challenge fascinating and absorbing and although it was tough, it was a definitive introduction to Bikram Yoga. I have never slept or eaten better, and I have even noticed a more cerebral change in myself. I have a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses in my body, and a means through which to improve.”

“Although I was daunted by the challenge at first, I quickly started to enjoy it. I practiced different types of yoga a few years ago, but I found Bikram yoga to be a more challenging, dynamic and effective exercise. I can see the benefits of the practice in other parts of my life, as well as in my body - I have felt calmer, more relaxed and more focused in everything I do. I felt a strong sense of community at the studio, and I have met a lot of interesting people. It was thoroughly enjoyable experience and I am looking forward to continuing with my practice.”

"I am so pleased to say that I have completed my 30 day challenge today. I feel absolutely brilliant physically, emotionally and mentally. A lot of people have complemented me how well I look and how happy and optimistic I am.”

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